LSS Seminars & Publishing Company

Through an alliance with the Council, LSS provides current Council members with continuing education hours, professional development hours/units, and continuing professional competency credits necessary for license renewal. See web site at http://lss-seminars.com.

The Blackwell Foundation, Inc.

The mission of this non-for-profit 501C-3 corporation is to endow land surveyors and prospective land surveyors with scholarships to improve their knowledge about the surveying profession.

The Center for the Standardization and Distribution of Parcel GIS Data, Inc.

The Development of a Wall-To-Wall Parcel Cartographic Parcel GIS and Associated Layers for the State of Florida -- A Work In Progress! See web site at http://thegiscenter.com.

Surveys F.Y.I. Corporation

Surveys F.Y.I. provides ALTA/ACSM surveys and Due Diligence Attorney’s Survey Opinions to the title industry and other interested parties. See web site at http://surveysfyi.com.